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Are you a first time cruiser? You may not be able to decide if it will be wise to spend some extra bucks for hiring a room with a balcony while travelling by cruise or save those dollars for some more exciting experience while holidaying. The following discussion based on live experiences may help you set your priority.

A luxurious cruise has all types of cabins – inside, outside and those with balconies. Each of them has their own merits and demerits. An internal cabin may be more economical and help you save your hard earned money. During the day the scenario is not that bad as you can always go in and out of the cabin. You can sit in the Lido Deck for hours and enjoy the sea and the sun with a cocktail in your hand.

However, you have to face the music of your choice at night, when the story is different. You feel like you are enclosed in a dark cave till eternity. When the sea is turbulent, the waves are more and the experience is quite scary.

The only option left is to keep the toilet door open so that some light can enter into the cabin. The situation worsens if it is a long journey to a far off place. The nights turn into nightmare. But, if you are not travelling alone and your family or friends are accompanying you, nights will be less scary in the cabins without balconies.

On the other end, a cabin with a balcony has a number of advantages, during the day and at night as well. If you are not a very social creature, you can relax sitting alone in your own balcony and enjoy the waves with your favorite drink throughout the day.

Nobody will come to bug you or spoil your mood. You can roam in your own land of utopia away from the cacophony of the Lido deck. You can immerse yourself in the sound of the ocean and warmth of the sun in absolute solitude. However, if you love to be with people in the day time, a balcony can make your life more romantic at nights.

Simply relax in your deck chair with a glass of your favorite wine. The lights of the cruise, their reflection on the sea, the moon above, the sound of waves, the cool breeze will definitely soothe all your senses and drag you into a world of tranquility. Experience a night which will keep haunting your mind even when your vacation will be over.

There are a few disadvantages of a balcony too. Nowadays, in most of the cruises the cabins are situated very close to each other, so are the balconies. There are people travelling with friends and large family. For some of them being noisy is the other word for enjoyment. Eventually, if you end up hiring a cabin beside anybody of that noisy variety, your balcony romance will be in trouble. Your world of tranquility will definitely break into pieces. Under such a scenario, you would prefer to close the door of your balcony and remain confined within the walls of your cabin.

So is a balcony worth it? The choice is yours. Whatever is your choice, do not refrain yourself from enjoying everything and anything you choose to go for. Happy cruising!!


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