36 Marvelous Mid Century Yard Decor Ideas To Add To Your List

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Something I have noticed around my town is that people go all out when it comes to decorating their yards for Halloween and Christmas. There are a few intrepid souls who pull out some Easter yard decorations in all the beautiful pastels of the holiday, and then some of the good old red, white and blue for the 4th of July. Why do we relegate yard decorations to holidays? Why do people not make their yard decorations change with the seasons more often?

Regardless of the current economy, some things that we want to add to our yards are not cheap. Fountains and other hardscape options may not only drain our wallets, but may also be time consuming and frustrating for the average weekend DIYer.

Another reason more people do not change out yard decorations like they change out wardrobes-where do you store the stuff? I know families that have built entire separate buildings to house the various decorations they do have. I myself have bins upon bins in my garage sitting on racks that hang over my car.

How can we achieve a year round look that can be accented or played up to emphasize the season and multiple holidays? Here are a few simple tips that anyone can use, whether you are a homeowner or a city apartment dweller:

  1. Choose some small, simple pieces to create a base for further decoration. These would be things that stay in your yard or outside all the time. Choose a style that you love and reflects your personality. Some examples include wind chimes, bird houses, or perhaps some metal art.
  2. Start out with just a few things, so you can add to your collection over the years.
  3. As different seasons and holidays roll around, look in discount or bulk item stores for things you can add for a festive flair. Lights come in so many colors now that you can get some to go with any season (or you can always go with the white twinkle lights).

Here is an example for Easter: gather up any baskets that you have around the house, stuff some newspaper in the bottom to create a full look and cover with Spanish moss. Then you can add some rabbit picks along with several colorful wooden or plastic eggs in groups.

Adding these baskets in groups of 2 or 3 to your porch along with some colorful eggs on the bird houses and some pastel painted twigs, streamers, or wired ribbon attached to the wind chimes will bring out the Easter feel. If you just want to go for a Spring look-add bright, cheery silk flowers to the baskets, bird houses and wind chimes.


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