36 Unique Branches Dried Tree Decor Ideas Can Inpsire You

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Nature creates stunning works of wonders.
From rock formations to breathtaking water scenes, many if not all are captivated by natures beauty. The manzanita tree is one such marvel. Manzanita literally means “little apple”. The name makes them seem deceptively fragile. However, they provide wood that is exceptionally hard. Likewise, their potential as art pieces is outstanding. This is the reason why many wood turners and craftsmen can not resist the desire to work with these magnificent trees. And many have taken the passion to take these wonders and turn them to equally magnificent pieces of artwork.

The appeal of manzanita centerpieces is undeniable.
Being very durable and strong, manzanita trees are ideal as centerpieces. Many species of this tree grows in Western United States. Among the most common species include Bakers Manzanita, Whiteleaf, Konocti, Contra Costa, Roofs Manzanita and Weislanders Mazanita. These evergreen trees especially those found in North Califoria rarely reach the height of 5 feet. In addition, some species grow about 10 to 20 inches in diameter. These hardwood trees can survive with little water thus they live well in arid environment. But is spite of the conditions on which they grow, the tree thrives and grow to become amazing natural wonders.

But what separate these marvelous trees from the rest…
are their intricate grain patterns. Many factors affect the type and design of the trees grain. Conditions such as the type of soil and the height or elevation where they are found affect the trees grain. In addition to these, the manzanita trees slow growth contributes to the grain pattern. Choose a manzanita centerpiece with the grain pattern that you will love. Each tree provides a unique grain design that makes your choose undoubtedly one of a kind. Moreover, with the right combination of pieces in your home, the arrangement and layout will give accent to the trees beauty.

The branches spread out wonderfully,
making for a great perch or display. Some trees grow in a manner that is reminiscent of the way bonsai trees grow. Aptly nicknamed “mountain driftwood” these trees showcase a very intricate and interesting pattern and orientation of branch growth. Furthermore, the manzanita trees are hardwood. Their durability and strength have been tested and even skilled craftsmen need a lot of patience working with this wood. It can withstand what the environment can dish out on them as well as what they will be subjected to as centerpiece items. It is their strength and durability that makes it ideal display pieces.

Different species have different hues,
which range from red to bark brown. The earthy color of the trees adds a natural look for manzanita centerpieces. Matching the right grain color with your other pieces will help make your decorations more cohesive. It is also curious to note that dried manzanita branches tend to discolor under the sun. From their vibrant red or brown color, they change to light grey or white. This is often the reason why many mistake them as bones in the wild. Manzanita, with all its fabulous features certainly is a great choice for centerpieces.

The usefulness of the manzanita tree in unquestionable. More than just for art pieces, many have taken advantage of these trees for different uses.

On top the most common uses of manzanita is centerpieces. Small trees or just the branches make a great focal point in a room. Adding some accents will enhance it appearance. Likewise, vases and other vessels will help provide better visual appeal. Manzanita centerpieces are a great way to bring a little nature into your home. Moreover, they are great pieces to add to your shops and offices.

In addition, these trees can be used as perches. Commonly used for bird perches or reptile perches, it is a great choice since it can withstand the abuse that they may get from these animals. Bird perches can be simple branches or they can be multiple branch perches. Also, they’re ideal as play gym for small pets.Thanks to their resilience and hardness, you don’t need to replace them often. Furthermore, these trees are used as aquarium wood. Whether for additional decoration or as pet necessities, they are ideal for the job. For better results and longer life, the tree branches are treated or sand-blasted. Whether it is for fish, reptile or amphibian tanks, there is always the appropriate size and type of manzanita tree to do the job.

Apart from being an excellent centerpiece, the wood is also a favorite choice as base. Flat slices of manzanita make unique mounts for artwork, table top accessories, pen sets, craft projects and many more. You can order manzanita bases in either rough or in finished states. The distinctive designs that they have complements most materials and types of artwork or accessories mounted on it. Asides from the flat slices of mazanita, the flat top style also provides a beautiful alternative for mounting. Burl wood, or the root area is cut on one end to give a flat section for mounting. This is great for mounting larger items.

Manzanita burl is an attractive addition to the decoration that you may have. The shape of the burl is greatly influenced by the terrain on which it grew. Moreover, the growth pattern of the tree plays an equal importance in its shape.It is best to go through several pieces before deciding which one to buy. Burl trimmings are also available and are used for small crafts projects.

Customized manzanita tables offer a distinctive look for your home or your office. Utilizing the natural shape of the tree, it adds a more earth-friendly feel to the ambiance. In addition, most people opt for a glass table top to showcase the beautiful texture and color of the wood.

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