38 Creative Diy Bookshelf Ideas To Try Asap

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The recent boom in the do it yourself industry only gives emphasis to the fact that, these days, cost cutting is STILL possible, if only you can do away with labor costs and use your own hands to create something. In fact, in addition to several DIY kits that are available, awaiting you to assemble its pieces, there are also DIY plans such as bookshelf plans that would allow for even more savings as you will actually start from scratch.

It means you’ll be even more hands-on and that there will be a good deal of customization – from choosing the material to the pattern and finishing for the bookcase to be truly your own.

Skill Level Specification

Vendor sites usually catalog these plans according to ease of execution so you should know which ones to choose for your skill level. This is to avoid getting into woodworking projects which might be wasteful, both in terms of time and materials.

Clarity of Instructions

There should be step by step instructions, accompanied by diagrams and illustrations so you would know exactly where and when to put nuts and hinges. Some bookshelf plans even include how-to videos.

Bill of Materials

There should be a detailed list of the things that you will need. Some plans have a list of recommended wood types. Bookcases need to be sturdy and solidly built, especially if you intend to keep heavy (hardbound) books on it. Oak and Walnut make beautiful bookcases but if you are on a budget, plywood will do. Just stain it to make it look nice. Avoid using particle board. You are also going to need tools such as miter saws, hand saws or power drills (in the base of built in bookcases). If you do not have the tools to cut the boards, you can bring the cut list to a DIY store and order the pieces of wood needed.

Bookcases are by far the easiest woodworking project you can embark on. If you want to try your hand out in this craft, it’s high time you start looking for beginner-level bookcase plans. If you have advanced woodworking skills, there is all the more reason for you to invest on quality bookcase plans that would make a good craft out of your crack at woodworking.


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