38 Modern Pantry Deisgn Ideas For Small Kitchen

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The average homeowner will probably try harder to keep the pantry clean and tidy more than any other room, The keen cook, though, will go that step further to ensure their working space, while cooking, is exactly as they want it. Furthermore, they will want it spick and span for reasons of hygiene.

Pantry shelving and cabinets do deserve, and get, that extra attention. Not just from homeowners, though. Manufacturers heap all sorts of alternatives on us in a constant barrage of innovation and new modern designs. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to pantry storage, in the form of cabinets, racks or open shelving units.

Shelving solutions in the kitchen always have triple priorities: convenience, safety and hygiene. If you take all three into account in your kitchen planning, then you are on the way to a perfect pantry.

What types of shelves can you expect to choose from? First of all, every kitchen will use shelves in one way or another. Most will be behind the doors of kitchen cabinets or enclosed cupboards or dressers; others will be out in the open. Some will be for storage, while others are for storing and displaying tools, crockery, pots and pans and other kitchen equipment.

The needs of foods and non-food items are quite different, though similar types of shelves can be used for dry foods (especially in attractive containers) and equipment. There are, of course, shelves in the refrigerator, but we tend to take those for granted.

If somebody is searching for pantry shelving, then it usually means they need an additional shelf or shelf rack to create that little bit extra storage space. There is a great choice in the stores nowadays to suit all tastes, and you should be able to find something that matches your existing kitchen if necessary.

Even if your kitchen is well fitted, there is a good chance to can make some extra space either outside of or inside kitchen cabinets. The space inside cabinets under the countertop and sink are often not well lay out for efficient storage. You may well find that the use of modern chrome wire racking systems and sliding shelves can eke a little better use of that valuable space.

Outside of the cabinets, exposed corner shelving may provide a home for small items in particular, such as your favorite decorated teapot which otherwise takes up space on the work surface. If your walls are not fully utilized, it is easy to find additional free standing or wall racking, ornate or plain, to fulfill your final pantry shelving needs.


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