33 Inexpensive Wicked Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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As the long summer days come to an end and the brisk autumn evenings prevail, it’s time to embrace the dark nights and cooler climes and get in to the spooky Spirit of Halloween. Children (and adults!) love this time of year. It’s a good excuse to throw a party for friends and family, dress up and have fun.

This yearly tradition sees kids and adults alike dressing up as ghosts and ghouls, trick-or-treating and playing fun games like apple bobbing! No Halloween party would be complete without careful planning and Halloween supplies! Pumpkins and costumes get snapped up pretty quickly so it’s always a good idea to plan well in advance.

Halloween Decorations

Make your Halloween party one to remember by creating a spine-chilling entrance for your ghoul-friends. Cover the porch in creepy cobwebs, tombstones and scary light up skulls to create a really eerie feel. Heighten the mood by experimenting with some frightening Halloween music or ghost sounds, bringing your decorations to life!

Creating a theme inside will certainly send shivers down their spine. Ideas could include a monster bash, creepy cemetery or even a wicked witch’s chamber. There’s ample choice when it comes to decorating your theme. Top supplies that never fail to impress can include, dark wall coverings, glow in the dark skeletons, spider webs, terrifying rat decorations, ghost candles, skeletons and of course a beautifully carved pumpkin.

Party Games

Games have long been a tradition at children’s Halloween parties. Popular games include bobbing for apples (messy but fun!), ghost story telling, pumpkin passing game (similar to pass the parcel) and the zombie game. This involves participants lying on the floor motionless for as long as possible, all it takes is one little smile or snigger and they’re out! The zombie king or queen is the one who stays motionless longest. No matter what game you play, remember to give your ghostly ghouls and wicked witches plenty or prizes.

Goody Bags

Sweets and treats will be aplenty at your Halloween party bash so don’t forget to include them in your goody bags. Many Halloween suppliers stock body part sweets, Halloween wine gums and even lollipop skull heads! Fill your bags with glow in the dark wall stickers, Halloween themed notepads and pencils and other spooky accessories.


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