41 Affordable Diy Halloween Wreaths Design Ideas That Looks Cool

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Your yard gives you the opportunity to unleash all your creativity and really think big when it comes to decorating for the favorite spooky holiday – Halloween. But that does not mean you have slave around for hours making and putting up the decorations. Here are some quick and easy ideas for decorating your yard this Halloween:

1. Scarecrows set the mood. Purchase or make a scarecrow and display it in your yard. Make him stand in the center on in a corner or make him sit on a bench, on the steps or on the fence.

2. Wreaths make the yard look very pretty. Choose from grapevine wreaths or black and orange Halloween wreaths to suit your tastes and decorate walls and front door by hanging them.

3. Use pumpkins in every place for an instant ‘Halloween’ touch. Place them on the steps, porch railing and benches or grouped together in unexpected places. When grouping together, mix all shapes, sizes and colors.

4. Gourds are another natural decoration for yards for Halloween. String them to make garlands for fences or place them in baskets.

5. Witches and brooms make for great decorations. Make a purchased or made witch sit on the branch of a tree or on a bench. You can also simply use the broom near the tree or at the front steps and add a sign that ‘The Witch is Up There’ or ‘The Witch is in’.

6. Garden stakes come in various designs for Halloween. Choose ghosts, witches, pumpkins or whatever else fits your theme and choice. They are great scene setters and look especially pretty when placed between plants.

7. Nature’s own decorations can provide fall colors to your d├ęcor. Use lots of potted annuals like mums, begonias, dahlias etc. to decorate your yard. You can also use things like fall foliage, dried flowers, seed heads, hay bales etc.

8. Lastly, make a clear pathway for the trick-or-treaters to come in to your front door. Add ropes along the sides or use luminarias to keep them from trampling your plants or flowerbeds.


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