39 Superb Primitive Country Christmas Trees Ideas To Copy Right Now

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To most people at Christmas time one of the hardest things alongside buying presents is choosing your perfect Christmas tree. There are so many different options to choose from at this extremely busy and stressful time of year, but choosing the tree can be a fun day out for the family as there are a large number of places you can go to find one.

Before going out to buy your Christmas tree one very important thing is to make sure you measure the space where you want your tree to go as it could be a big problem if you buy the tree first and then is either too big or small. Other than the height of the tree you also need to take note of the space as to whether you need a full, wide tree or something narrower.

One place which is a brilliant place to choose your tree are garden centres as you can see the trees for yourselves and also ask members of staff for information about the tree, so you know what tree type you are buying. There are also many Christmas tree farms around the country; Christmas tree farms are a good option as there are usually thousands of tree’s which are all different in their own way making it ideal for finding the perfect one for you.

There are two main types of Christmas tree which are Fir and Pine. The most common fir trees are Nordman, Fraser and Noble and the most common Pine Trees are Norway and Lodgepole. These trees all have different looks, feels, advantages and disadvantages.

Fir Trees are a common tree in people’s homes over Christmas for many reasons. They have a very sturdy trunk and branches making them ideal for hanging heavy ornaments and for those of you who love to go all out and decorate your tree to the max. One of the most common types of fir used in homes are Nordman due to the fact that they are fairly resistant to dropping needles compared to most other¬†Christmas trees¬†which means less mess and they tend to last for a longer period, however these are generally the more expensive Christmas tree.

Pine Trees have two common types which are Norway and Lodgepole. The Norway Tree is a brilliant Christmas tree if all you want to do is hang Christmas lights and light decorations from it and for those of you who like minimal decoration, as the branches on a pine tree aren’t quite as sturdy. On the Norway the branches don’t begin till around two thirds of the way up the trunk making them ideal if you’re not sure on the height you need it. You can then decide how tall you want the tree once you are home and cut the trunk accordingly. Pine trees are the cheaper option which makes sense as it is only going to be used over the Christmas Period, however do drop their needles more so than the Nordman and don’t last as long. However, is that such an important issue, because although they don’t last as long, it should last you long enough to see you through Christmas?

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