43 Admiring Farmhouse Makeover Décor Ideas For Christmas To Have Asap

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Get in the holiday spirit and decorate your Farmville Farm for Christmas. The first thing to do to decorate your farm for Christmas is to get a Christmas tree and fill it with presents under the tree. Your neighbors will be envious of your Christmas tree and decorations if you follow these Christmas decorating tips.

Step 1; Get a Christmas Tree:

  • You must log into Farmville and go to your gift box. Click “use” on the small tree icon and then place your tree on your farm wherever you like. Preferably near your house.

Step 2; Get Christmas Presents from your Friends:

  • Farmville Christmas presents must be gifted by your friends. If you need more friends and neighbors visit Farmville forums and ask fellow farmers to be your friends.

Step 3; Place Presents Under your Tree:

  • Go to your gift box and click on “use” to accept your Christmas presents. The presents will automatically be placed under your tree.
  • Your holiday tree will grow for every 20 presents you receive. Get all 60 presents to maximize the height of your tree.

Step 4; Purchase Decorations with Coins:

  • You can purchase these Farmville Christmas decorations with Farmville coins until January 1st, 2010:
  • Add a colorful Candy fence around your house, 800 coins and 8 XP
  • Place a giant Nutcracker on your front porch, 1,500 coins and 15 XP. Buy all three nutcrackers green, red, and white.
  • Place a mountain of gifts beside your tree to show that Santa has arrived, 5,000 coins, and 50 XP.
  • Place a candy arch or holly arch as an entrance to your house. Candy arch 2,000 coins, and 20 XP, Holly Arch 2,400 coins and 24 XP.

Step 5; Add these Spectacular Decorations with FV Cash:

  • Place these decorations in your front yard; a Snow Globe 28 FV and 1,250 XP, a Holiday Sleigh 18 FV and 500XP, Santa and Mrs. Claus Gnomes 18 FV and 500 XP each.
  • Add a tasty Candy Gate 7 FV and 125 XP, and a Gingerbread Arch 5 FV and 100XP, as a walkway into your front yard.
  • In the field closest to your farmhouse add a Santa Scarecrow 15 FV and 400 XP.

Step 6; Open Your Gifts:

  • All of your 60 gifts will be a surprise when you open them. This is just like the anticipation you felt as a child. You can open your initial gift Christmas Eve December 24th and through January 7th.

Cool Farmville Christmas Tree Facts:

  • Presents are wrapped in Pink, Blue, Red, Brown, or Green Christmas paper.
  • Your Christmas tree will grow each time you receive 20 gifts.
  • The maximum number of gifts you will receive is 60.
  • Open your presents on Christmas Eve December 24th through January 7th.

Farmville Christmas Tree Tips & Tricks:

  • Do NOT sell your Christmas tree. You must keep the tree to receive all 60 gifts.
  • The contents of your gifts will be revealed to you on December 24th!


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