45 Enchanting Boho Rv Camper Renovation Ideas You Must Have

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Knowing how to renovate an RV camper can save you lots of money by not having to purchase a brand new one. It can also provide a customized living environment that allows you to have all the amenities that you personally require. A third reason, is that it will allow you to avoid the typical outgasing of typical RV construction materials if you wish to have a healthier environment. There are some similarities to home renovation but there are also some very different requirements in this type of rebuilding process. So, it’s important to know how to renovate an RV camper the most cost effective and easiest way possible before starting your project.

1. Make a plan

Many people start an RV renovation project rather haphazardly and end up either never really finishing it or finding out that there is more involved than they had planned. The best thing to do if you want to tackle a project like this is to make a clear assessment of several things first.

Determine Your Serious Repairs– Decide what really needs the most attention. Make this the priority on your list of things to do. This should be replacements or repairs that you just can’t do without when camping. Serious problems like roof leaks, plumbing problems and electrical issues should be first on your repair list.

Make your wish list – If you want to add a new flat screen TV to your camper, then plan on the extra materials and outlet if needed to install this extra. Maybe you want to redo your sink area for a deeper sink with better faucet. There are many extras that are not essential, but make your list so you know exactly what you want.

Get advice – Unless you are an expert builder or have great experience in repairing RVs, you probably need to get some advice on the various issues that will come up in the renovation process. Check with a local electrician about certain electrical issues and get information from a plumber in your area. While they don’t have to be RV experts, they can give you valuable information about dealing with these areas. You may find also, that you can “sub” out some of your work to these experts for less than you can get the work done at a traditional RV repair service which can be very costly.

Get help when you need it – For some repairs or customized features you may need to get the help of an RV renovation specialist that can work with you in repairing or updating your camper. Keep in mind that hiring an RV renovation specialist will generally cost good bit more than just hiring separate specialists to do each job.

2. Work your plan

It really depends on you regarding how much you want to spend, how long you will take to complete your project and how much work you want to do yourself. Be sure to get a lot of advice and as much help as you can enlist, especially if your project is quite extensive. Many people take this type of project on for two reasons…to save money or for a hobby. So, whatever your reason for learning how to renovate an RV camper, be sure to make a plan and work it with the right help and information.


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