47 Relaxing Cabins Room Design Ideas For Getaways This Holiday Season

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Outfitting your home in a cabin decor style is rewarding but can also prove to be challenging. Take your time and enjoy the hunt of finding the perfect elements and accents. In time and with careful dedication to detail your log cabin home, (or log home styled room) will provide a personalized balance of cabin decor and modern amenities.

Although shopping for the larger items first is the most practical way to decorate, cabin decor does not stop at cabin furniture, rugs, and curtains. Consider other accents such as artwork, framed prints and mirrors, specialized decorative lighting, themed tables and vases. These are just a few necessary components of pulling a room with a log cabin home look, together.

Log Cabin Home Challenges

Decorating a log cabin home presents challenges not found in a traditional house. Furthermore, traditional or contemporary decor doesn’t always balance in a log home. With a careful eye and dedication however, either task can be overcome and the result can be stunning.

Let’s first discuss the challenges associated with having and decorating a traditional log home before moving into various ways of creating the look of a cabin in a more modern house.

Consider first the wall space in a cabin – often limited by the shape of the logs as well as the stain and hue. Another decorating challenge is the limitation of high vaulted ceilings. If you struggle with both, you will need more decorating panache on the floors and with the cabin furniture you choose. Floors and wall space are best when defined first through the arrangement of larger items, then accentuated through accent pieces.

Should you have the opposite situation – a contemporary room or home that you would like to refurnish in a rustic cabin decor theme – start with the walls, the most restrictive aspect of a traditional cabin. Faux painting techniques, cabin wallpaper, or barnboard planks can give you the look you love without the hardships and restrictions of a traditional log home.

Cabin Furniture To The Rescue

A quick tip for rustic styling is to use heavier pieces of cabin furniture in all natural fibers. Chunky upholstered furniture and heavy rugs will steady and weight the room. Large cabin furniture also adds a homey, cozy, warmth to your room’s decor.

Tables, stylized bases, and lighting work best when crafted from black or aged, rustic metals. Work these items into your room through curtain rods, cabin curtains and focus lighting. Rustic cabin decor relies heavily on lighting. Overhead chandeliers make the boldest statement and if chosen well can add to that comfort ambiance you seek. Look for antler chandeliers, rustic metal chandeliers, or primitive wood fixtures.

Cabin decor is most often rustic and cozy. However, other twists of cabin decor are up-country – a mix of whimsy and modern elements – southwestern (nearly Mexican), Early American, cowboy, rustic rancher, or pioneer. Many great websites, online catalogs and stores offer ideas and products dedicated to the overall style of log cabin home decor. Once you find one, delve into the articles and products to discover your own personal style. By running an online search for “log cabin home decor”, you”ll find a store with cabin furniture, cabin curtains and log cabin homes to visit.


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