43 Amazing Makeover Design Ideas For Hipster Apartment

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So you can’t bear to part with Rome at the end of your stay? You wouldn’t be the first. Rome has a way of seducing visitors. There are plenty of things that need to be sorted out if you are to move to Rome on a more permanent basis.

Let’s start with a place to stay. It’s expensive to rent a place in the Italian capital. As far as house prices go, the cheapest way to live in town is to share a flat, or even a room. In and around the historic centre, rooms will run you a minimum EUR500. An entire apartment starts at EUR850-900 for a studio, and can cost over EUR1500 for a two bedroom. The further out you go, i.e. Cipro, Monteverde, Portuense, Ostiense and San Paolo, you might be able to shave off a couple hundred euros from the price, but you’ll be out of walking distance and public transport option are also slimmer.

When moving to Rome you may want to live near people who share the same interests or are in the same situation as you. Popular areas for expat include Trastevere which is by far the most popular area for foreigners on an extended stay in Rome. The mix of charm and vivacity make it both photogenic and ├╝ber-Roman by day and riotous by night. The up-and-coming hipster hood of Pigneto, though a bit out of range, is getting very popular with the international crowd for its multicultural vibe and village kind of feel.


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