31 Favorite Dorm Room Design Ideas That Looks Amazing

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Being away from home as a college student is not an easy thing. Although many students are exhilarated at the thought of becoming their own person and having adult freedoms, others get home sick. They miss their families, friends and the soothing comfort of their home.

Sometimes being away from all of this can feel overwhelming. There are several dorm room bedding products that can lessen this feeling of loneliness by helping students showcase treasured pieces of home in their dorm room. This quiets the solitary feelings students may be experiencing while bringing comfort and functionality to the usually drab dorm room.

One of these dorm room bedding products is a customizable photo frame. There is no easier way to remember loved ones that having pictures reminders of them strewn about the dorm room. A creative idea is to get large posters made resembling a photo collage.

These are easy to hang in dorm rooms and instantly give students a taste of home. They also add an appealing visual to the industrial cinderblock walls of a dorm room. Some places even offer the option of adding artistic filters to the photos for an even more custom look. This not only helps students remember home but it is a great conversation piece to share with new friends in the dorm.

A lot of dorms don’t allow students to paint the dorm walls. So they are stuck with dull white or gray walls. Another example of dorm room bedding products that can offset this is wall art. Students can print poster-sized photos of things they enjoy such as a particular type of flower or the night sky and then fill the centers with photos of family and friends.

Students can also use their college team mascot or colors. This helps them feel school spirit while at the same time remembering their friends and family back home. Students can match the poster d├ęcor to their bedding set and pull of a fabulous look.

If students are really home sick, they can bring a much loved blanket, pillow or stuffed animal from home to remind them of where they came from and provide instant comfort. Getting new bedding is probably a good idea since students will want something durable that is stylish.

Their roommate and friends will see this bedding ensemble so this is definitely one of the dorm room bedding products they will want to invest in. However, students can curtail some of the costs while adding comfort by bringing their favorite blanket from home. They can even choose their new bedding ensemble based on the design of their favorite blanket. An item like this can add a much needed taste of home.


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