32 Delicate Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Youll Love

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Victorian style furnishings and decor are a touch on the feminine side, and oh-so romantic. Are you ready to trade your modern bedroom, or perhaps one that just needs a little something to make it come alive, for one that offers a romantic, antique look? You can easily make the changes yourself, and transform your bedroom into one that is relaxing, beautiful and perfect for those nights when you just want to cuddle up with that special someone.

The Perfect Bed

In Victorian style decor, you want a bed that is constructed of wood but one that includes intricate details. Wrought iron or brass also work well and add a romantic ambiance. Instead of blending into the background, a Victorian bed should be a bit on the showy side. Period type quilts that look as though they were crafted in the 1800’s are a perfect topping, but you can use any materials that are frilly or flouncy. Canopies, drapes and fluffy pillows outlined in ribbon and flourishes finish off the look.

Include the Perfect Furnishings

Tables are a must in the Victorian style of decorating, but not just any old table. Nightstands are often square and to put it bluntly, lacking in style. In this type of decor, you want round nightstands topped with marble or made of wicker or bamboo. A delicate skirting that flows to the floor adds further to the feminine appeal. You can often find tables like these in a local junk store or at flea markets.

Dressers and chests of drawers are typically made from dark woods such as mahogany, and are adorned with intricate carvings. Embellishments may include fancy brass drawer pulls or intricately carved wooden pulls. If you can find an antique looking dresser topped with a round tilting mirror, all the better!

Accessories Make the Room

Some decorating styles require a minimum of accessories; with Victorian decor, the beautiful accessories that you add complete the room and add dimension. Consider including period style art for the walls. Baroque and brushed brass frames are perfect, and add to the elegant appeal. Place old-style vases around the room and fill them with fresh flowers. Old or antique figurines, china and other Victorian style collectibles fill the room with character.

For the floors, oriental rugs and wicker mats are perfect. Place a large oval rug at the foot of the bed, or two smaller rugs, one at each side. Wood floors work well with Victorian decorating, but if you have carpeting the accent rugs will pull the look together. Window treatments should be elaborate as well; velvet or brocade can be used to dress the windows, while a lace sheer can line the underside. Delicate florals, braids, and lace all work to make the windows an intricate part of the room.

You can definitely see that the Victorian style of decorating is not for those who prefer simple, basic lines! If you love rooms that offer the atmosphere of years gone by, touched with a little romance, Victorian decor will make the bedroom your favorite room in the house.


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