35 Trendy Easter Decorations Ideas That Bringing A Farmhouse Appeal To Your Home

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Most people don’t really look at Easter as a holiday to go all out decorating for, and I’m sure many people don’t decorate for this holiday at all. If you do want to bring a touch of Easter into your home and are looking for some ideas that don’t involve Easter grass, we have what you need!

Easter decorating can be very subtle or more elaborate. It’s up to you to figure out how far you want to go. The following ideas can work in any home and are only limited by your imagination.

– Got the munchies? Fill some small bowls with Easter candy and distribute them throughout your home. Your guests can enjoy a sweet and colourful snack.

– Watching what you eat? Instead of candy, try filling those same bowls with decorative Easter eggs.

– On a budget? Fill a basket with a stuffed animal or two and add some colorful ribbon to the handle. You can either use items you already have at home, or go to your local store. Brightly-colored baskets and stuffed animals are often very affordably priced during the Easter season.

– Say it with flowers. Use potted flowering bulbs as a centerpiece for your table. Or use smaller pots filled with crocuses in the kitchen and living room to add colour. The potted bulbs can be replanted outside when they’re past their prime inside and should come up again next spring. Just make sure that the flowers you choose aren’t heavily scented or the flowers may end up outside sooner than you intend.

– Don’t like dirt? Put some freshly cut daffodils in a vase and arrange them into a globe shape, with the longer stems in the middle. About 20 daffodils should give you a fresh and crisp display that will make you smile whenever you see it. Their fresh but mild smell will add some sweetness to your home as well!

These ideas can be used on their own or in combination to create original and unique Easter decorations. Which options you choose will depend on your own taste and whether you’re decorating for your children or for the guests you’re having over for Easter dinner, or both!


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