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Copper is the best manufacturing material. However, it is more prevalent in industries other than the kitchen industry. Not many people use if for their kitchens or even their bathrooms.

There has been a change in recent years though and copper is becoming more and more popular. People have now started to use copper in the manufacture of sinks, vents and other kitchen peripherals.

The color of copper and the choice of shade and design, mean that people are choosing copper over other materials such as stainless steel and porcelain. They are finding that this material makes their kitchens and bathrooms stand out.

If you are thinking about making a change to your bathroom or kitchen, then you may consider copper as one of your materials. If you think it is too much of a change and you don’t know much about the material, then you should read on for further information on the benefits of using copper.


1. The way that it looks – Most people choose copper because of the way it looks. When people use copper for their hood vents, they can choose the shade, they can choose the design and they can have borders around the edge of the hood. Therefore, they can make it fit in with their kitchen better than a stainless steel hood. Even if they don’t find a design that they like, they can contact a company and have them design a hood from scratch. Everything would be hand-made to highest quality.

2. Bacteria – One of the best reasons to use copper is because it is like a super hero when it comes to bacteria. Copper has antibacterial properties, which kills bacteria within hours. With other materials like steel or porcelain, the bacteria can live for weeks on the surface even if the users have washed it. Therefore, having a copper sink is good because think about all the food that you will wash in there and then do the dishes afterwards. This means that copper could help to cut cross contamination.

3. Long Life – When you use materials like steel or porcelain, they will corrode over time. It will take a long time but it still corrodes. Therefore it is bad for sinks and vents because the smoke will cause condensation on the inside. With copper, you don’t have to worry about this. It doesn’t corrode, it doesn’t rust and it hardly ever falls apart.

4. Designed – Copper items are easily made so this may mean that they are cheaper than items made by any other material. Some items like sinks are made of one sheet. Other items, like vents, might take more than one sheet, but it is still a lot more affordable and better value for money than any other material.

It is up to you whether you want to use copper instead of steel or porcelain. You do get some advantages to the copper and it does age so the color will change over time. You should expect that it will darken, but it will add some extra character to your kitchen or bathroom.


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