32 Marvelous Industrial Bathroom Shelve Design Ideas For Amazing Bathroom

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Small bathroom design is an area of great interest for professionals in the bathroom remodeling industry. Though most home owners see the small space as a limitation, designers in the field see it as opportunity. Working with limited room stretches the imagination to its limits, and when ideas come together, the perceived downfall of limited space becomes the great advantage of a cozy atmosphere.

For small bathroom design, the most important factor is maximizing the limited space. When the bathrooms physical space is properly expanded it affords many more opportunities for innovative design.

In order to make a small bathroom appear roomy there are certain things that should be avoided. Most people will opt for a pedestal sink or even a hanging sink in substitution of a sink which is imbedded into a counter top, and for the issue of space utilization, this if often a good idea. Countertops take up a lot of space and they are not always necessary. The storage allotted by a countertop can easily be replaced with a small closet or recessed vanity.

Hanging hardware such as towel racks and shelves should also be eliminated whenever possible. Towel racks can take up to 5 inches off the perceived width of a bathroom, and shelves can clutter up walls that would better be left alone. Instead, look into the possibility of a small closet. The actual space of the closet is not taken from the space of the bathroom, and any item can be stored there when it is not in use.

When choosing new toilets and sinks remember that smaller is better. You don’t want to be uncomfortable, but make sure your toilet isn’t so large that it causes your guests’ knees to touch the opposing wall while in use.

The space of the shower can also be minimized during a renovation. A bulky bathtub can be replaced by a tile shower. These showers can be customized to squeeze into any corner; they can even be built into a wall. Not only will this save room, but the opportunity for custom designs increase exponentially. As far as spacial perception is concerned, glass windows on a shower are far better than a shower curtain. A closed shower curtain might as well be a wall. When the shower is lined with glass it opens up the space within it, and makes a small bathroom appear that much larger.

Many home owners opt for crown molding in their bathrooms. This is certainly a luxurious option, but when attempting to maximize space it probably isn’t a good decision. Instead leave the corners open, and if possible, have a mirror that will reach all the way to the ceiling. If the lighting of the bathroom comes out of the wall in front of the sink, have the lights as high as possible. This will prevent the perception that the lights are taking up space.


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