36 Fantastic Home Sitting Area Design Ideas For Your Relaxing Place

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Your home’s decor is a direct reflection of your personal tastes, making it important to choose things that are both beautiful and personally appealing. These ideas will help you find the perfect accents for your home, whether you are looking for new photos, new area rugs or even new furnishing.

Using Area Rugs In Your Home Decor

Area rugs are a good choice for use in your home no matter what type of flooring you already have. Floral patterns provide a traditional, classic look, while modern patterns give your rooms a boost into current trends. One thing to consider when choosing area rugs is the existing decor that is in your home. Color schemes and themes are both important. For example, rugs with simple geometric shapes, such as squares, often best accentuate a sleek modern look, while a Victorian styled home may look best with classic floral.

Area rugs also help to bring coziness to an overly large room, especially when used as the basis for a sitting area. To make a simple sitting area, all you need is one large area rug that is flanked on both sides by chairs. If you have a fireplace, then you will be able to pull this look off easily, but it is certainly not necessary in order to make a cozy sitting space using area rugs.

Choosing Furnishings Based on Space

Obviously, your furnishings are going to have a huge impact on the way that your home looks and feels, both to guests and family. The style of your furnishings should reflect your personal taste, but remember to take space into account when purchasing items. For large rooms, overstuffed couches and chairs are an excellent choice, while smaller rooms may seem crowded by these items. If you have only a small space to decorate, then choosing one piece as a focal point will definitely work best.

In addition to the sitting furniture, tables and shelves are also going to make a statement in your home. The right colors, whether unfinished wood or deep mahogany, will make the rest of the furnishing look more at home. You may also choose to paint and finish you own tables and shelves for the perfect accompaniment.

Using Photos and Wall Decor

One place that many people go overboard, and clutter the walls in their home with too many photos or prints to make a decorative statement. If you love home photos, then designate one wall to hang them on, such as the hallways, and stick with one type of frame. For example, choosing silver frames, and only silver, will help keep the photos looking like part of the decor. Typically, one or two hangings or settings per wall are plenty to embellish the room.


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