31 Wonderful Christmas Décor Ideas For Patio To Welcome Your Guest

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Spring: Spring is all about fresh flowers and pretty colors. Add a pink gingham table cloth to your table and dress it with daises. Get rid of your heavy winter duvet and replace it with a lighter throw in a pretty pattern. Remove your heavy draperies, replace them with sheers and let the light in.

Summer: Now’s the time to take it outside. Now’s the time to make your patio a great place for the family to gather for wonderful fresh-air meals. Refinish your wooden patio furniture or get creative with colors and new decorative elements. Stock up on stylish and colorful, yet break-resistant, plastic tableware. Bring on the birds with nicely-designed birdfeeders and houses.

Autumn: As the temperature turns a little colder and the leaves start changing color, add some earth-tone throw pillows to the couch. Give your home a harvest flavor with a squash centerpiece with a variety of shapes and colors. Burn pumpkin or apple-scented candles in your home – there’s nothing like the smell of homemade pie. Or better yet, make some pumpkin or apple pie!

Winter: As the days get shorter and we spend more time indoors, make your home as comfortable as possible. Bring out a chenille throw and more comfy cushions for cozy couch snuggling. Don’t forget to light the fireplace and prepare some hot apple cider. For bedtime, add a thick down duvet with a warm color to your bed.

For winter entertaining, add red charger plates under your plain white china for a more festive look. Place candles all over the home for a warmer ambiance.

…and don’t forget the major holidays throughout the year. They’re always a great excuse to add a little fun and something different to your home all-year-round. From Valentine’s Day to Easter, Halloween and Christmas, there’s always an opportunity for something new.

One thing to keep in mind when changing your décor throughout the year is storage space. Having too many seasonal items often ends up in clutter if you don’t have a very large home. Be sure to organize your seasonal items, clearly label them and rotate them strategically throughout the year. For blankets and other fabric items, you can vacuum seal them to minimize the storage space they require. Above all, keep it simple and uncluttered. A little décor goes a long way.


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