33 Creative Diy Door Decorations Ideas That Make Your Home More Charming

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If You are thinking about purchasing a new door for your home make sure you some research. You can easily pick something out just for the sheer beauty or d├ęcor. You don’t want to do that. That could be the biggest mistake you make. You could end up with a shoddy door that you can’t use. You should keep the following points in mind as you are making your decision.


Before you purchase you should already have a price point or budget in mind. So anything that is above this figure should be off limits. Now you obviously can’t get a new door for free or some outrageously cheap price. If one door has a better quality or workmanship but could be a few dollars more and ends up being a brand name item that you trust by all means pick that one if it means you are able to sleep better at night. Make sure you have a range that will accomplish what you need for your home.

Type of finish

Is there a particular finish or design that suits your taste? Are you looking for a wood, glass, fiberglass, or contemporary man made door? Make sure that you look at all your options. Some will have more designs, colors and styles to choose from.


What is the manufacturer’s warranty for the door you are looking to purchase? Sure it might cost a little more but isn’t it worth it especially it is is in your original price point? With all things being equal, if your final decision comes down to one that has a longer warranty then that is one you should go with. With age and wear and tear the likelihood that you’ll need to replace your door increases. This could save you money in the long run.

Type of door

Is there a specific door type that you are going to purchase? Front doors, garage doors, sliding doors, closet doors, and storm doors are all different and unique. What may be necessary in one could be totally irrelevant in another. Just make sure that you get the correct measurements for whatever door type you need.


Who is actually installing your door? Are you getting the work done through a contractor? It might be easier than you think. Door installation is one of the more popular DIY – do it yourself projects that is simple enough to do on your own. If you choose to go that route you need to ensure that you have the proper tools to complete the project.


Most people don’t consider the safety component when they are picking their door. Price usually is the main factor or decision. Keep in mind that sometimes unforseen things may happen. You want to be prepared in any instance. You might have the best alarm system, but a glass door might still tempt a burglary. They might not get into your home or steal anything but you would have to pay to get a new door installed. Another case is in the event of a fire. A wooden door might not have the best protection versus a metal or aluminum door. Price and beauty are fine to look for, but just keep safety in mind as well.


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