34 Fancy Bathtub Design Ideas To Change Your Simple Bathroom To Be More Impressive

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The modern bathtub is not just a place to get clean anymore. Nowadays, luxury bathtub designs have been providing bathrooms with amazing decor and sophistication that truly transforms these spaces into at-home spa retreats. No longer are we seeing the typical oval white porcelain tubs of the last few decades. In the last few years, interior designers have really been taking advantage of the amazing bathtub options that are now available to home owners. Rather than using your tub as a place to scrub, use it as your own spa haven! The following are some of the most popular luxury designs in bathtubs:

The Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Although freestanding bathtubs might sound like something out of the 18th century, such tubs are making a modern comeback with some touches that truly make these classic styles a fit for any modern and stylish bathroom. These tubs come in all sorts of colours and styles. Whether you are a classic type that has a thing for the classic oval shape, or a creative type that enjoys unique features like a geometric shape, there is truly a freestanding tub for just about any taste or budget. Go for something truly elegant and rich such as a freestanding tub in a wrought iron cradle!

The Jacuzzi Bathtub

If it’s a spa experience you’re looking for, then the jacuzzi tub is the one for you! Why bother venturing out of the home to get a true spa experience when you can get that right from the comfort of your own home with your very own jacuzzi tub! The powerful jets that come with these tubs can work on any aching, sore muscles, providing you with a true hydrotherapy session that you didn’t even have to step foot out of the house for. And not only that, but these tubs are an esthetically pleasing piece to adorn your bathroom with too!

The Roman Bathtub

For the ultimate in class and sophistication, the Roman bathtub is the perfect choice. It’s amazing what classic, old styles brought to civilization back when they were originally introduced, and what they can bring to style-conscious people of today. Live like the kings and queens of ancient times and immerse yourself in the deep soak of a gorgeous, roman-esque bathtub of the modern day!

The Japanese Bathtub

Similar to what is provided by the jacuzzi tub, the Japanese tub also provides a hydrotherapy session for anyone spending even a few minutes in such a space. The idea with these types of tubs is that they provide both a body and soul cleansing experience with their hydrotherapy aspects. Immerse yourself in a Japanese tub and reap the benefits of the ultimate bathing experience that just happens to be stylish too!

Creating the perfect bathroom with a¬†luxurious bathtub¬†doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive. If you get yourself an interior designer to help you select the perfect tub for your home, you can bring the spa to you and enjoy the many benefits it can provide for both your body and your home!


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