40 Lovely Diy Garden Planter Ideas To Enhance Your Home Front

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Setting up your very own Tipsy Planter can be an enjoyable and rewarding day project for any back yard adventurer. Plus if you have kids like me then you can share in the fun with them as this is a fairly kid friendly garden project. One of the advantages to having a Tipsy Planter is being able to place a variety of smaller plants within a much smaller space than normal, as each pot is able to hold a separate plant.

First lets go over the list of items you will need before starting this project;

1 – 6′ Garden Stake
1 – 15″-20″ pot with drainage holes in base
5 – 6″ Terracotta pots
1 – Bag of flower soil, i recommend Miracle-Gro potting soil
1 – Hammer (to drive stake, if you have a rubber mallet that may work better and do less damage to the stake)

Find a suitable location in your yard or garden, try to pick tough to mow locations or anywhere the final product can be easily viewed. Preferably somewhere with level ground and depending on the types of plants you want to use some shade if appropriate.

Make sure the ground is level and place your base pot in location, using your hands start pushing the stake down and into the dirt through one of the drainage holes. Once you get about half a foot or so of the stake drove down, fill the base pot up with dirt leaving a 1″ space at the top. Now go ahead and put one of the terracotta pots down the stake and into place. At this point make sure that everything is sitting how you like and the fixture is in a pleasing location.

Go ahead and start running the terracotta pots down the stake alternating them back and forth to create a “Tipsy” effect. If you find that they are not leaning properly remove all but one terracotta pot and then push the lone pot down into the dirt at an angle. Basically the bottom 6″ pot needs to be semi in the dirt so that it leans. As the rest of the pots are being placed they should lay in a natural zig zag.

From here drive the stake down until there is roughly 2 – 2 1/2 foot of the garden stake in the ground. This will help to ensure that everything stays in place. I left just about 4″ of stake above the top pot.


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