31 Captivating Backyard Patio Design Ideas With Play Kids You Have To Know

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Parents can be a bit possessive and overprotective of their kids. They want to see their kids all the time to make sure that they are in safe condition. They hate the feeling of paranoia when the kids are playing in the park or in streets without them. However, it is not possible to watch them 24 hours a day especially for working parents.

One way to ensure the children’s safety is to encourage them to play in your backyard. There are different backyard games that you can teach them so they no longer need to play in the streets. They can just invite other kids and play these games with them.

Here are some examples of the said games:

1. Cross Step – Draw 10 by 10 grid on the patio with a marker or chalk. Have each player pick one square for him or her then on the mark of the leader, each of the players will step into a new square crossing out the square where they came from. They cannot step into a square occupied by another player nor can they step into a crossed-out square. The last person standing in a free square wins the game.

2. Blind walk – You will set up obstacles from one end of the patio to the opposite end. Allow the kids to have a look of the path where they should walk in. After 5 minutes, line them up and one by one they will cross the obstacle course with their blindfolds. You should record how fast the player is able to cross the path and the kid with shortest time wins the game. However, it is advisable to have an adult nearby the blindfolded player to avoid any accident.

3. Kick the Can – This is a fun game with at least three participants. An empty can must be placed in the middle of the playing field while one player will serve as “it”. The “it” will close his or her eyes while counting 1 to 20. The other participants on the other hand will hide from the “it”. After counting down to 20 “it” will seek other players and tag them one by one. The tagged player must go to a “jail”. Other players can try to free them by kicking the can. If the “it” captured all the players with the can still standing then he wins the game.

4. Bean bag toss game – This game is perfect for adults and for kids too. You should set up one wooden or plastic bean bag with a hole on one end so it is slightly leaning against a wall. Now, have each player stand at least 4 feet away from the target. Each takes turn in pitching three beanbags. The player with most number of points wins. This is definitely a fun game to play along with corn hole game.


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