36 Best Kitchen Remodel Hacks Ideas To Save Budget

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The kitchen is the most happening place of the house. From cooking disasters to the family time fun, a lot happens in the kitchen. But that just means that it also gets dirtier at the same rate. A well-kept and cleaned kitchen is a thing of beauty, with the following hacks you can achieve it too.

1. To clean the oven – Ovens can get really messy. To clean it use a ½ cup of ammonia and let it sit in the completely cool oven overnight and come morning wipe all the grime and build-ups with a paper towel. You can also keep a wet cloth in the oven and heat it, needless to say, that the steam will loosen up all the grime. Let the oven cool down and clean the oven from the inside with the same cloth.

2. Clean the blender/mixer pot – After blending garlic or some other spices for the curry pots are left with the hard to get rid of after smells. And blender pots can be a tricky thing to clean with all its blades topped with its small size, only if you don’t know the trick. After every use, fill the pot half way with water and soap, blend it for 10 seconds. TADA, it’s clean.

3. Prevent clogs – A clogged sink is the last thing that you need in the kitchen. To prevent it from happening pour some boiling water down the sink time to time. Doing so ensures that the oils in food products run down the drain as opposed to building up on the interior surface of pipes which is what leads to clogged drains. You can also use baking soda with the water to double the effectiveness.

4. Deep clean the chopping board – A chopping board may appear clean but there are thousands of germs building up in its hundreds of cuts and gets grimy even after you give it a quick wash. To deep clean the chopping board you will need a lemon and some salt. Sprinkle some salt n the surface and rub it with the lemon make sure to squeeze the lemon along the way to get the juice out, let it soak for about 5 minutes before washing it clean water.


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