32 Latest Farmhouse Entryway Decoration Ideas To Try Soon

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The entryway to your home should be warm and inviting. It’s the first thing people see and experience when they visit your home. It’s also the first place you experience when you come home, so make it a welcoming space. Decorating it well really sets that ambiance for the rest of your home.

Gather inspiration for decorating your entryway with these tips.

Add a touch of greenery or nature.

A framed art print of a seasonal landscape or a vase with fresh-cut flowers will be a welcome addition to an entryway. Avoid fake or plastic flowers, which can collect dust and don’t have the same look and feel as real flowers. The entryway is the first part of your home your guests see, so make it feel warm and welcoming.

Keep the clutter at bay.

A table with a small covered basket near your front door can help you stay organized. As soon as you come home, place your keys, wallet, phone and other essentials in the basket. In addition to keeping the entryway clean, you will always be able to find the items you need most.

Decorate with warm colors.

Keep a cheery disposition when you come home by decorating with warm colors. Orange and yellow make great color choices. Earth tones, such as sage, taupe and sandstone, are inviting colors. The neutral colors also pair well with brighter colored accessories, which you can change seasonally. Paint a wall a light yellow or hang a framed art print with these sun-inspired colors. Choose your favorite brightly colored flowers to greet guests when they come to visit.

Use multi-purpose furniture.

A bench with storage space serves dual purposes. Use it as a place to relax and take off your shoes. The extra storage space also helps you keep the entryway clean. Store mittens, scarves, boots or other items that look unsightly when left at the front door. A large wooden chest will serve the same functions as a bench with built-in storage.

Don’t ignore your front door.

Almost as important as the interior decorating of your entryway at your home is the decorating of the exterior. Paint your door a warm and inviting color. The color red can be an excellent choice. A fresh pot of flowers or a small evergreen tree, for colder temperatures, adds a touch of elegance. Keep the sidewalk in front of your front door clear of debris, such as kids’ toys, leaves and ice.


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