33 Rustic Backyard Waterfalls Ideas For Your Outdoor That Amaze You

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The exterior of a home says a great deal about the person or family residing there. A dwelling that is attractive and inviting demonstrates that the owner cares. Your home is about you. It reflects your own personal choices, tastes and desires. Here is a great project to transform your home into a place of beauty, relaxation and joy.

There is nothing more pleasing to the senses than the natural sound of rippling water making its way slowly down from a waterfall into a pond below. Waterfalls may be purchased, or better yet built as a family project. A small pond may be constructed for very little. Design the size and shape of the pond you would like to build. It does not need to be more than two feet deep. Be sure to line the pond with cement to make the pond hold water.

Various sizes of flat rocks can be had for the asking. Cement them together to build a waterfall at one end of the pond. Use a small water pump to circulate water from the pond to the top of the waterfall so that there will be a never-ending stream of water. The cement lining of the pond may be painted light blue for added effect. You may even want to add a few goldfish!

A small wooden fence of eighteen inches in height surrounding the pond and a rock walkway constructed just outside the fence would be nice additions. The rock walkway would also surround the pond.

A waterfall would not be complete without lighting. If you have trees nearby, you may wish to mount lights of different colors and aim them at the waterfall. A backyard waterfall and pond would compliment any type of outdoor furniture.


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