34 Chic Gym Room Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap

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When homeowners want to get creative, they are famous for the renovations and redecorations on their home. Should there be a room in their home that they feel needs a new look, they begin looking at decorating magazines and color paints. It will not matter which room they want to redo: a bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and even a home gym. Home decorating or even redecorating in any area of the home can make overall improvements.

Redoing a home gym is usually not at the top of any homeowner’s list but it should add some life to the house and be a motivator for energy and exercising.

So if you are thinking about putting a gym in your home, you should mull over what the purpose behind this room would be. Typically a home gym is a place to exercise, to work-out and to renew your batteries.

What else is this area good for? It should be a motivational outlet and have lively people using it. With the goals you have set, the gym room should spice up the space you set forth. Add some jive to the environment and give your gym room some special attention.

While redecoration of a regular room takes some special thought and a wild imagination, it is usually fun to do. However, if the gym room is not your preferred room or you are just not an active person, fascinated with the equipment in the area, then this redecoration project won’t be as fun like it would be in your living room or bedroom.

The worst part is if you are having issues coming up with redecorating ideas. If this should be the case (and many times, it is), then it is time to seek advice from an interior designer or start looking at some home decorating catalogs to get some thoughts.

1. Gym Room Themes

Like any other home decorating task, start off by putting together a theme. While you may feel this is easy, when you do not like the room, it isn’t quite that simple. It’s not like you can put a big, fancy country chair and using all types of colors to make them mesh together. No, bright colors and lots of lighting can improve the room’s environment. This puts energy into the room.

What kind of theme will you use? It really does work best but use a modern theme for the room. Use vibrant, dramatic colors with up-to-the-minute furniture. This makes the room feel more energetic.

2. Adding Accessories to the Gym Room

Should you wish to have accessories added to the room, then do not use pretty flowers and all your fancy ornaments to spruce it up. A gym is a place of working out where you can prove your strength. No need for the gym to be quiet and serene when it should be pumping iron and loud music.

3. So what would make a wonderful addition to this room?

Although many people have watches, having a clock makes work-outs go much easier and smoother. When people work out, they will time themselves and what they’ve done so far. It’s also important that a stereo system or small boom box be added to the room. You can even add a television to give you a distraction from the workout. When you are focused on something else, the exercise routine seems to go by faster.


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