34 Hottest Outdoor Spaces And Decor Ideas That Brings A Cleaner Looks

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When you decide to tackle the project of decorating your outdoor areas, it’s simpler than you think. Just use the same steps to decorate your outdoor areas as you would if you were decorating your living room. The first question you must ask yourself is….what is my inspiration? Do you have a favorite plant; a sisal rug, or some fabric covered wicker furniture? Choose an item that you can build the room around.

It will help you to make each decision in the design process. Once you have a starting place you will need to determine what your focal point is? Is it the pool? Is there a beautiful view? Do you need to create a focal point? If you need to create a focal point here are a few ideas:

A table with a beautiful fountain on top.
A stand along fountain.
A bakers rack (preferably metal) decorated with plants.
An outdoor fireplace.

After your focal point is established, then place your furniture so it addresses the focal point. Next you will need a color scheme (primary, secondary & accent) as well as lighting and accessories. And don’t forget the artwork. Hanging outdoor artwork, thermometers, plants, etc. will be the “icing on the cake” along with some outdoor accessories. Remember to add an area rug to anchor your seating area.

There are many products available now at your local home improvement stores that are specifically made for the outdoors. Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. Your outdoor spaces should be as comfortable as any other room in your house. As the weather starts cooling off from the summer heat, you’ll want your patio or lanai to be saying “come in and relax awhile”.


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