33 Comfy Small Home Interior Design Ideas With Very Amazing Wood Floor

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Are you considering putting hardwood floors into your home? If you are then you already know that there is nothing like the look of a wood floor. It will add class to your room and improve the value of your house. But what kind of wood floors should you buy? Read this article and get advice about whether or not to buy prefinished wood floors.

Prefinished wood floors are stained and finished at the factory. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages to traditionally installed wood floors. For example, because they are finished elsewhere you do not have to deal with toxic fumes and sanding dust.

Another advantage is that the finish is applied under controlled conditions which means that you do not have to worry about dust or other contaminants ending up in the finish. Lastly you have the cost difference. Because it cuts down on the labor they are much more inexpensive to install.

They do have some disadvantages however. For example, you are more likely to have a less smooth finish since the edges of each board will have a slight bevel. If you are a perfectionist you might not like this. You will also be limited on the color selection since you have to choose what the manufacturer offers. With traditional wood floors the sky is the limit. you can get just about any finish that you want.


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