37 Attractive Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas For Tiny House

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Log cabins are small houses built from logs. There is a distinction between the traditional significances of log houses and log cabins. Log cabins generally pertain to simpler and a half storey structures, often not permanent and less architecturally sophisticated and finished. They are made out of round, hard-worked logs, rather than the hewn type. In addition, they are probably the first generation of home building built quickly for front line shelters.

Log cabins are fun and exciting to decorate. You do not have to get a degree in interior design or the arts to be able to do it. All you have to do is imagine and be creative. The most common design is its natural wooden look. There are some tips that might be useful when you decide to decorate your log cabin. Choose the designs, strategies, and tips that correspond to your taste and desire. Be careful not to block a lot of wall space for it may loose the environmental feel of the place.

Keep most of the floor area uncovered and leave bigger open wall spaces. Having open wall spaces will keep the logs’ warm feeling whenever you put the necessary items inside. Always remember to have fun when decorating and spend all the time you need arranging furniture as well as other items necessary to complete the look you want.

The first thing you have to do is to look around the cabin and have a good feel in it. Appreciate the texture, color, and space of your log house. Picture it and make it look exactly how you want it to be. Do this while your eyes are closed. The first furniture needed in your cabin is a table. Wooden tables complement and further accentuate a rustic feel and look.

Go through furniture stores and buy the ones that will make your log cabin more appealing. If you are buying chairs and a sofa, choose a darker, more textured tone. A popular design for log cabins is the southwestern pattern. Pale prints are also a popular design. Simple elegant prints far from being flashy and big will give the cabin rooms a warmer tone. You can have great furniture discounts at Home Depot, Lowes, and Kmart. Buy from shops on sale to save some money.

Furthermore, buy inexpensive and simple blankets. You can also put artificial flowers or logs in the blankets depending on your creativity. Cabin rooms as well as the kitchen area will be livelier with this design.

A throw rug is a must when decorating the interior part of the cabin. Animal rugs are popular nowadays. Throw rugs that have southwestern patterns are also very famous. You can also use artificial plants. You can put large plants in every corner of the rooms. Wooden lamps that have solid color shades are good for end tables. Dim light always blends well with the woodsy effect. Stick with lamps rather than bright lights like overhead lighting for it will give the cabin a warmer feeling.

Solid colors and southwestern prints look good on the bedrooms. The design must also blend with the window treatments. Make sure that the colors you use are relaxing and subdued. It highlights a very relaxing ambiance befitting log cabin.


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