36 Unusual Girly Bedroom Decoration Ideas For Your Inspiration

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For a girlish look and cozy atmosphere with a blend of a wild side, pink zebra print is the coolest theme for that! Since the print that is in the trend today are that of the wild animals, they are only limited to neutral colors (white, black, brown, gray) which not all eyes got an appetite for such hue.

To remain the “girly” theme for ladies, pink could be an alternate for white stripes. Pink and black stripes have a compatible compliment. The lady-look remained in the shades of pink while the wild sides are revealed in the sophisticated black prints. This is not a contrasting value on personality but it gives a complimentary and a very natural character for a lady’s bedroom. However, it could also be for men especially those men who loved the cozy look of pink.

To give you an idea how to start a make-over on your bedroom, here are some tips that you should consider:

Tip 1. Furnitures

Furnitures are not only known for furnishing purpose. It is also use for keeping things in order at the same time, filling up empty and void spaces in the house particularly if you have a large bedroom.

Tip 2. Beddings

The beddings are important bed linens because they cover the bed, the distinct furniture of a room that qualifies it as a bedroom. They carry out most of your room’s theme design. Since, you want a cozy look of pink with a wild taste; cover your bed with animal print beddings such as the pink zebra print bedding. Although you can choose other colors that is within the shade of red or purple because these shades connotes the beauty, elegance and passion of women.

Tip 3. Lightings

A well-lighted room is essential to see and enjoy your bedroom design during the night. But you can always put the mood of your design by the use of lights. To lower down the tone, you can add side lamps to give a mysterious but not gloomy effect inside the room.

Tip 4. Accessory

Aside from having a bed on your bedroom, you can hang frames or clock on the wall. Rugs and carpet are also good but make sure that the prints are consistent with the prints of your beddings. On the other hand, you can also choose those without prints but the color must be the same of shades like that of the bedding.


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