35 Modern Artistic Bonsai Tree Design Ideas To Beautify Your Garden

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Imagine your home adorned with different forms of bonsai. Such little trees will certainly beautify and add coziness to your household. Growing bonsai trees is more than just a planting activity; it is more than just a hobby. Planting and maintaining bonsai trees is actually a combination of talent and skill.

It also takes a lot of patience, discipline, and dedication to prolong their life. Since its first discovery, the art of bonsai became popular among people in different parts of the world. It has evolved into different forms and styles, and continues to enhance the creative minds of different artists and enthusiasts.

If you are interested to start a bonsai garden in your home, better educate yourself first with some basic information.

The Origin

Bonsai is a Japanese term; but the concept was actually derived from the Chinese¬†penjing.¬†It was more than a thousand years ago when the Chinese introduced these miniature plants to Japan. From there, the Japanese adopted this art and coined the term “bonsai”, which literal translation means “planted in a container”. Since then, bonsai became popular until the modern times. It has a lot of forms and styles that can be achieved through using exceptional skills.

Starting Off a Bonsai Garden

As previously mentioned, bonsai is an art that requires a combination of talent and skill. More than that, it is not enough that you are interested to do the art. You need to be diligent, dedicated, and disciplined. Thus, bonsai is not an easy art to do. In order to be successfully, you will need to gain a lot of knowledge from experienced bonsai artists and dealers. Meanwhile, experts say that it is better for beginners to start with seedlings or cuttings to have a better understanding on how delicate it is to take care of this type of tree. It is not advisable for novices to start with an already shaped and grown tree.

Taking Care of Bonsai Trees

Light, water, and air – these are the basic needs of all plants. When it comes to bonsai trees, you should be extra careful in providing these needs. Everything should be given in enough amounts. Too much sunlight, too much water, and too much air – these are potential hindrances to the successful growing of bonsai. Hence, it is important for you to gain appropriate knowledge on how to take care of them. Moreover, it is also important to keep the soil healthy by using good quality fertilizer and pesticide in enough amounts. You should also enhance your skills in pruning, for it is important in maintaining the form of your bonsai.

The Nature of Bonsai Trees

Some people have the wrong impression that bonsai is genetically modified to keep its small size and grow in a small container. But the truth is its survival highly depends on the skills and dedication of its owner. Therefore, it is important to be truly serious when you decide to start off and maintain a bonsai garden. Meanwhile, while there is a gargantuan list of bonsai forms, it is important to note that not all species are suitable for all forms. Thus, it is best to ask for a bonsai expert’s advice.


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