33 Incredible Garden Design Ideas With Unusual Items To Try Asap

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When you are creating a rustic or cottage garden the design is only limited by your imagination.  You can easily use found objects in your garden and have them look great.  You can also pick up old and antique garden objects and give them a new home.

Use unusual objects as planters.  You can use nearly anything as a planter.  I have seen wheelbarrows, used rowboats, and even kitchen sinks used as planters.  When you are turning an unusual item into a planter, be sure to cut or drill drainage holes into the bottom so that your plants don’t drown.  Also if there are kids around be sure that there is no peeling paint.  Many older items have lead based paint on them and you don’t want kids in that.

Reusing antique garden structures.  One of my favorite things to see reused is a cast iron garden arch.  These are very durable and you can still find ones that are a hundred years old.  If you use any kind of arch in your garden make sure it either follows a path, or leads into a new part of your garden for the best effect.

Another great item to reuse (if you can find it) is an old garden bench or bistro set.  The old ones were built more sturdily than they are today, and you will find that with a little refinishing they can really make your garden stand out.

Use kitchen chairs as garden furniture.  If you can pick up some kitchen chairs at a garage sale, they make great garden accents, just be sure to polyurethane them in a matte finish so they don’t fall apart on you.

Decorating your garden in a rustic style is fun and creative.


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