35 Top Printable Cool Calendars Design Ideas To Try In Your Home This Year

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Listen carefully. I’m about to show you how to make your own calendar so that you can take my approach… and improve on it! (Obviously there’s many different ways to create a calendar). So in this article you’ll learn how I created a paper based, spiral bound calendar using an image editor, my Mac (you can use a PC too), and an Inkjet color printer. And all I ask of you is to keep those doors of imagination open…

So lets start at the beginning. The first thing? You need a few cool images. Either take your own, or find a particular theme or image style that you want. (Think online stock photo houses). What you’re doing here is ‘setting the feel’ to your calendar. We all like looking at beautiful images, but ultimately it ALL depends on what you want to do with your calendar, and who it’s for.

The next magical phase is to – find them online calendar templates! In my experience it’s much easier to create a calendar using online templates than create it all yourself! (Unless you love spending hours painstakingly creating graphic layouts that is). Just make sure you have the months, days and all that stuff set up correctly, and that you can easily edit this type of template in a photo editor. (Adobe Photoshop is just one option).

Remember… when searching for a template to make your own calendar keep in mind what SIZE calendar you ideally want. You’ll find calendar templates come in Microsoft Word files,.PDF, Photoshop.psd, etc, so you have the flexibility there to use whatever tools or software you have available. Then it’s time to drop your images in to the template…

Now, if you sail through this part of the process, then the printing stage is a walk in the park! The key is to use a calendar template that shows you step by step what to do. You’ll have to play around with your software tools a bit until your calendar design looks finished. Once you’re happy with that, and you’ve locked everything into place, it’s time to make your own calendar REAL by printing it out…

And that, my friend, is the easiest part of the whole process! Set up your printer, (do some test prints first), and then let the printer do ALL the hard work. Once you’ve made miracles appear on previously blank paper, you can compose (and spiral bind) your calendar into a stunning and unique work of art!


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