38 Adorable Indoor Plants Design Ideas To Try In Under The Stairs

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Air pollution is one of the most serious problems that we are facing. Pollutants that float in the air, like diesel soot, fly ash, wood smoke, sulfate aerosols and lead, cause detrimental effects to our health. The National Resources Defense Council estimate that more than 64,000 people in the US is dying prematurely because of heart and lung diseases caused by air pollution.

So it is understandable why most of us urbanites would want to stay in our house as much as possible. You can get healthy air if you stay inside a house that has good indoor air quality. Installing ventilation systems in your abode is one way to make sure that you will get rid of the bad air inside your home. But it is not enough. If you like to breathe fresh air every second of your stay inside your house, then you may need to put plants inside your house.

How Indoor Plants Will Help You

Indoor plants consume unwanted carbon dioxide inside your home. But perhaps the greatest help that they do is that they absorb air pollutants that infiltrate your house. Outdoor air pollutants can still get inside your house however sealed it may be. Ventilating systems may drive some of those bad outdoor air particles, but they cannot get rid of them all. Indoor plants act like sweepers that take care of extra bad outdoor air particles that might be floating inside your house.

What is the best way to grow plants indoors? Many people these days are raving about hydroponically grown indoor plants. That may be the best option if you have the funds to spare. But if you are on a tight budget, you should choose indoor plant pots.

Clay Indoor Plant Pots

House design experts always emphasize about putting the right things that fit in. For instance, it is not advisable that you put in some ultra-modern pot inside your traditional home. To compliment the traditional aesthetic of your indoors, choose classic clay plant pots.

Ceramic Indoor Plant Pots

One of the things that we consider when we buy stuff is durability. Of course, nobody wants to buy something that will just break up easily. Plant pots made of ceramic are among the most durable pots in the world. Even those ceramic pots made by ancient Chinese can still be seen in good condition today. But durability is not the only thing that you will get with ceramic plants. With ceramic pots you will also get to render a somewhat exquisite look inside your house.

Vinyl Indoor Plant Pots

As much as we want to purchase high-end products, we still do not want to go beyond our budget. If you do not have the funds for ceramic or clay pots, then vinyl plant pots is the best option for you. Vinyl pots do not only help your plants grow healthy, but they will also add up to the looks of your indoors if you put them in the right place.


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