30+ Fabulous Summer Yard Decorations

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If you are a beginner, start with smaller projects where you can gather the experience, then you can accept, and difficult jobs.

During the performance of their projects follow the following order: place and build elements such as paths, walls, beams, sitting area, playground, plan irrigation system, do all the work on the land, planting a plan and select plants, plant trees, install the system irrigation, sow grass, plant or sow roses and vegetables.

Outdoor paths allow us to pass a yard in all seasons without a dirty shoe, and also keep our plants. Plan paths to logically connect different parts of the yard. Some curves are based, because otherwise you will quickly begin to make a shortcut across the grass. You need to plan a slight drop in one direction. When building to watch and the true depth of 60 cm. A substrate is slightly wider than the tracks, so the water could go, and grass would not be too quick overgrown path.

The lining is usually made from gravel and crushed stone, and the placenta from the fine sand. The foundation is laid selected panels, while the spaces between them meet the sand. You can make other materials such as in natural stone, concrete slabs, gravel, crushed stone, the wood, and crushed ornamental bark. All materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, a set of natural stone, wood when wet slips, and gravel grows weeds.

By setting certain elements we can highlight and brighten certain parts of the yard. Looks permanently attracts various trees and shrubs, especially odd-shaped trees or flowers, and coniferous trees and one that is particularly interesting in the fall, for example. Hammock Willow, a hanging beech, ornamental cherry, ornamental apple, hawthorn, yew, ornamental cherry, ornamental plum, beech and hazel, and American maple are very interesting.

In summer you can set the transmission elements, such as plants in containers and in the winter coniferous trees and shrubs. You can attract attention and objects such as vases and sculptures.

Passes in yards can be made from latticed wood, wire, metal or plastic construction, around which is wrapped a vine plant. It is important to provide sufficient height and width, to the lush vegetation, despite the difficulties could not go through the pass. If you use wood, it must be thoroughly impregnated.

Islands of flowers in the garden variety of entries and divided it into separate spaces. Make them to flowerbed raise with some humus and borders that the country would not be washed away on the road or on grass.

Hedges protect against noise and therefore in certain areas are of great importance both for the house, and the court. Such hedges need lots of space for them for optimum performance should be planted in two rows. Mitigate the impact of noise varies from plant to plant.

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