30+ Stunning Preschool Door Decoration Ideas For Summer

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The beginning of the school year is perfect to introduce preschool classroom decorating ideas. Most children at this age are not exactly sure what to expect when they start this new adventure called Preschool.

They have some idea if they have had exposure to television, movies or children’s books or even older siblings but it still has room for wonder.

My preference is to start a bulletin board or wall that is for and by the children. You will begin with an area marked off that will be the “creation center”. You will use this creation center throughout the school year as their personal mural space. You can cover this with large butcher paper, an old sheet, cork squares…whatever you wish. Use this area throughout the year for different themes.

The most important aspect of this area is that this is their personal group display for their classroom. Children enjoy having responsibility and contributions to their class.

The first week of school is ideal to show them how you need their help in thinking of preschool classroom decorating ideas. Take a photo of each child on the first day, or have them draw a self portrait if a camera is not available. You will need to label the pictures with their names. These will be used later on.

You can suggest ideas for the board at the beginning because some children may be shy or hesitant at such an undertaking. Ask if they would like the area to have a street with a large school bus on it, or if they would like to have a playground with swing sets on it? These are just to get started. Let them know that it needs to be a setting where each child’s picture can be displayed. This will help them out coming up with ideas of their own.

Next, use your week to create the idea they decide upon. If, for example, you are doing a school bus scene, you can teach them about the colors and shapes needed to create a large school bus with many windows (enough windows for each child). You can create a classroom setting with large round circles for the tables and squares for student chairs. Place a photo at each chair.

You can see that this is an area that can be used year round. The only bounds are your imagination!

I have used this area for holiday displays, seasonal displays, ocean themes, gardening themes, all about me displays and so many more.

Try these preschool classroom decorating ideas this year. Use it as a starting point for any of your preschool themes or units and you will enjoy the enthusiasm of your preschoolers and their willingness to learn and participate.

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