30+ Brilliant Summer Camp Trunk Decorating Ideas

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If you are looking for a storage trunk for a practical use such as sending your child to camp or off to a college dorm, why not think beyond practicality and consider how it can become a great piece of furniture that can also serve as a perfect storage piece.

Storage trunks used to be very one-dimensional — they basically came in the old steamer trunk style, and although that is still a popular and multi-functional design, there are many choices these days, especially with the abundance of selection available through online merchants.

There really are many many different styles of storage trunks. The classic leather or wood steamer trunk is a great addition for traditional styles, although it can be thought of as eclectic and used successfully in other decorating schemes.

Of course there are more modern-looking storage trunk designs that can incorporate well into contemporary and modern decorating styles. A metal trunk with reinforced corners and modern handles can be an excellent addition to a modern or contemporary scheme.

You can even get a storage trunk for a Japanese decor — they come in black and can be painted or you can get creative and do your own painting to customize your trunk, no matter what style. It is possible to get a trunk that is a solid color such as white or black, a perfect palette to create an original art work or use a stencil to really give your trunk a unique quality and make it the focal point of a room.

Storage trunks are the ultimate furniture piece for a small space, whether it be an efficiency apartment, a dorm room or simply as a practical addition to a living space which is short on closets or storage space in general. These trunks are perfect for storing anything from winter clothes to extra pillows and blankets to board games or toys.

So before purchasing a generic trunk, take some time and thought consider the many functional and design usages it potentially has. Prices for these trunks are very reasonable, and the selection these days is fantastic.

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