30+ Inspiring Lighted Window Decorations For Summer

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Unbelievably, zone lighting is the best way to characterize a room.However, you will find a lot of houses are just happy with their one point regular lighting. They don’t know how proper lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of the room and positively affect their living pattern.

Just answer a few simple questions:

What differentiates your kitchen from dining room or a living room?

If you think furniture and smells differentiate these rooms, think twice. Actually, you have assigned character to specific rooms – furniture or smells are nothing but some physical attributes.

Room lighting: Why do you use colourful lights during parties and other festivals?

Every room has its own lighting requirements. Specialists say that proper lighting sets the mood for any situation or occasion. It can make a big room cosy and inviting and at the same time, a small room can be turned into a specious one with some very simple light settings and arrangements.

You can go for general lighting in kitchen, garage etc; task lighting in reading room, bedside, bathroom, drawing room etc; or accent lighting in special walls, wall hanging, dining room, precious objects etc.

Among all these lighting patterns, the accent lighting adds drama to the whole room. You can easily make the room more interesting by using various shades and different concentration points. You need to have proper lighting plans to compliment your lifestyle, living standards and requirements of specific rooms.

You need to consider natural lighting too – Windows are great for letting natural light in but they block the flow of air and reduce your privacy.

The best way to overcome this problem is to install window shutters. You can get decorative window shutters that will compliment the aesthetics of your room.

A window shutter is better than a window blind in aspects such as looks, practical usage,security, insulation and noise reduction. They match with almost all kinds of interior decoration. To add to this, if you use silk white window shutters (survey says, 9 out of 10 people in UK select silk white for interior shutter) it will match with almost all shades of wall colours.

Therefore,there is rarely any need to redecorate.

All said and done, these simple measures can really change your living pattern.

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