30+ Amazing Fireplace Mantel Decor For Summer

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I love fireplaces and fireplace mantels. Even if your fireplace is not used much or is dysfunctional, you can use it to spice up your home. I often decorate and redecorate my mantel, but some things pretty much stay there all the time. I’ve seen some absolutely beautifully decorated fireplaces in the past, and I’ve noticed some similarities between them all. Here are some ideas you can use.

1) Clocks, particularly antique or antique reproduction clocks. Of course Mantel Clocks are high on the list but a nice cuckoo clock right above is very nice too, as are modern decorative clocks as well. I have an old “Wildroot for Dandruff” clock from my grand uncle’s barbershop I’ll mounting above mine. Clocks just seem to add a functional, and I dare say, “timeless” look that works well.

2) Pictures are a classic. I like a mixture of both modern time pictures, like of my young kids, and older photos like of my relatives from the early 1900s and before. In any case, the mantel is a perfect place to display them. I love what my aunt has done with hers with old black and white pictures and both color and black and white new pictures of her grandkids.

3) Holiday decorations, which of course vary by the season. Christmas stocking, Halloween pumpkins and skeletons and more are classic. I extend this sometimes to seasonal and have some summer, fall, winter, and spring decorations too.

The Mantel is always prominent and visible. Decorate it wisely, to your taste, and feel free to change it around whenever you’d like

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