30+ Best Ideas for Dark Vanity In Small Bathroom

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Bathroom vanities come in many styles, but not all are to everyone’s tastes. If you’ve ever been to a showroom, you’ve probably noticed the various wood styles and contemporary designs – all possibilities for your own bathroom. But, in another sense, not every bathroom vanity blends in with the decor of your own home. Wood vanities come in various stains, while contemporary styles may appear to cold in some contexts. Additionally, the issue of the counter top is present with either style – should you go lighter or darker. As many decide to replace an ordinary sink with a bathroom vanity, finding the right style is important for this piece of furniture.

Wooden vanities are the most common on the market. This design includes a wooden chest, a stone counter top, and a porcelain basin and, in many instances, a matching mirror with wood trim. The wood used for these bathroom vanities varies with stains, like any piece of furniture. Manufacturers make styles with dark or “espresso” stains to lighter ones, as well as a parchment finish to give the vanity an antique look. As with any new piece of furniture, some may be better suited to your space than others. A lighter wood stain may go better with lighter walls, while bolder decor may be suited to a darker stain.

Taking a wood vanity chest out of the equation, contemporary bathroom vanities offer a different kind of style. Often in two parts, such a bathroom vanity can be arranged in a number of ways to fit a cabinet and sink top into a space. Additionally, most contemporary styles involve glass and metal in some form. Typically, this will go with nearly any basic bathroom decor. For more elaborate style, the vanity may stand out as too basic, however.

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