30+ Cool Midsummer Party Decorations

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Decorating for a summer party is one of the basic things you have to do but it can often prove difficult if you’re working under a budget or when you’ve just run out of ideas for a party theme. Using balloons and streamers makes it feel more like a birthday party than a summer party but that’s what most people will end up with because balloons are easy to do and really cheap.

There are other ways to decorate the house or the backyard for a party. You can skip the balloons and use beach balls instead. If the party is indoors then they’re only meant for decoration but if you’re planning an outdoor party they can add to the fun.

Bring out old vases that you never use; add a little sand and stick candles in it. If the vases aren’t expensive you can paint them different colors. Take lots and lots of sprinkles and put them out in candy dishes with chocolates wrapped in gold foil. The guests can have fun eating the chocolates and the sprinkles will add colors.

Dig around your backyard for some moss covered stones. Ask neighbors if you can purge their backyard of them and make a nice collection. Use them on the table as a centerpiece and add some summer flowers.

You can make the food decorative as well; serve white chocolate covered strawberries and dark chocolate strawberries. Deck them out so that a dark chocolate covered strawberry alternates after a white one.

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