30+ Fabulous Late Summer Early Fall Decorating Ideas

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A simple home decorating idea to invigorate a room is to let it reflect the change in seasons. Here are several home decorating ideas for making those seasonal transitions simple and easy.

Home decorating ideas for making the switch to summer:

*Replace heavy draperies with lace curtains or sheer panels to give that light, airy look.

*Rearrange furniture to let in light and air and to take in the view of outdoors

*Drape a summer-weight throw over the sofa or use striped or lighter-weight white or cream slip covers.

*Put away the heavier wool rugs and use cotton rugs, straw mats or leave the floors bare.

*Dress up the fireplace with dried flowers, a candle arrangement, or unique, summer-inspired home decor.

*Add a touch of color with items such as painted flower pots and colorful table linens.

*Bring the garden indoors with a wicker chair, a glass-top wrought iron table and birdhouses.

Home decorating ideas for transitioning to winter:

*Use traditional wool, Oriental, or Navajo rugs as area rugs over carpet or bare floors.

*Add winter warmth to any décor with velvet slip covers and chenille and mohair throws.

*Burrow under flannel sheets, vintage quilts and comforters for a good night’s rest.

*Go for deep, rich colors–navy blue, russet, burgundy, and eggplant.

*Bring the outdoors inside with a rustic basket filled with pinecones and urns filled with evergreens or branches with winter berries.

*Display bowls of winter fruits on tables and countertops – apples, pears, and pomegranates.

*Provide a soothing, comforting glow to any room in the house with candles.

*Bring furniture closer together for that warm, cozy feeling.

See how easy it is to shift from one season to the next by implementing these simple home decorating ideas. Don’t forget to add a touch of spring and fall décor for the in-between seasons.

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