30+ Inspiring Victorian Themed Bathroom

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The Victorian era formally begins in 1837 (when Victoria became Queen) and is generally agreed to last through her reign (1837-1901). This was a time of considerable change for English society, especially for the increasing middle-class, who aspired to join the ranks of the nobles. Great importance was placed on behaving appropriately and ‘properly’ according to the conventions and values of the era in order to be more aristocratic.

The change in status and wealth for the middle-class, was reflected in the types of homes they lived in and their decorating style and choice of ornamentation. Architecture and furnishings were selected on the basis of what was previously unique to the upper classes and typical homes were full of furniture and knickknacks visible on every available surface because bareness in a room was seen as poor taste.

The charm and opulence of this era make it no surprise that people are still emulating the Victorian style in their interior decorating projects. Bathrooms in particular are given a romantic and indulgent feel. Deep, rich colours were used during the Victorian era to enhance the importance of a room. However you can still consider your individual taste when deciding on deep hues, pastels or neutrals as the Victorian style also uses rich textures against the bright shades and wall coverings.

To recreate the charm of the Victorian era style, fixtures and materials should be chosen accordingly. You could opt for a roll top or cast iron bathtub with clawed feet and covered with enamel that can be colour coded to suite your taste. In addition bathtub and bathroom sink fixtures can be replaced with ornate pieces typical of the era ranging from geometric to floral. Selecting taps and showerheads in brass or gold can add an authentic aristocratic feeling. Sink fixtures can be very ornate, with designs ranging from geometric to floral. Victorian cast iron radiators also add an authentic feel to your period d├ęcor. There are a number of suppliers of Victorian cast iron radiators that will also provide a colour matching service.

Additional touches like reclaimed tile flooring or custom-designed stained glass windows can also create the right look while seasonal variation can be introduced by changing details such as towel, flannel and accessory colours. An abundance of knickknacks such as vases and even tea-cup candleholders can be incorporated into your design elements displayed on the walls along with the decorative cast iron radiator as long as you are prepared to clean them.

A Victorian-themed bathroom can be comforting and luxurious and antique design and colour choices, ornate accessories and detailed patterns can all be incorporated into the theme. So whether you are remodeling or redecorating your bathroom why not consider the Victorian era as an option.

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