30+ Totally Inspiring Small Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

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Design sinks for types of vanities, vessels, and pedestals

1. Design for vanities:

The designs for vanities is antique, contemporary, or transitional.

2. Design for vessels:

The design for vessels is glass, temper, frosted temper, copper, crystal, and china.

3. Design for pedestals:

There are many designs for pedestals, but the favorite ones seem to be the granite pedestals, the wood pedestals, and the twisted pedestals.

Description for vanities, vessels, and pedestals

1. Description for vanity sinks:

There is a vessel that is mounted on top of the vanity with either one or two sinks. Vanities come in a variety of different kinds of wood. There is oak wood, birch wood, and cherry wood. Some of the wood types have veneer.

2. Description for vessel sinks:

Sinks are put on top of vanities and pedestals. They have a variety of different kinds of sinks. They can be bought will all different types of colors. The vessel sinks come in china, glass, farmhouse, and temper of all different colors such as green, brown, crystal, and blue. There are also a lot of different shapes for vessel sinks such as round, oval, square, and rectangular.

3. Description for pedestals:

Pedestals look like they are free standing but they are really mounted to a wall. They have an attached bowl that can come in marble, wood, china or granite. They can also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to your liking. They can be put in a master bedroom, a hall bathroom or a guest bathroom.

I hope this will help in designing a beautiful small, medium, or large bathroom. People enjoy seeing an old bathroom turn into a new bathroom. Many women love to design and get exactly what they want when designing their bathroom.

Once you decide on either a vanity, vessel, or pedestal sink; the next step will be to decide on whether you want a new sink or if you want a new sink, bathtub, shower stall, new floors, and a new paint job.

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