30+ Fabulous Creative Towel Bar Ideas

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Need some creative ideas for a bathroom towel bar? You can buy plenty that give you exactly what you need-exact sizes, beautiful finishes, abundant storage in minimal space, stylish but economical and designer-price-is-no-object choices. But if a creative solution is what you’re looking for, consider these, or use them as inspiration for your own great solution:

• Visit a craft or store or lumber supplier for a wooden dowel you can stain to match or contrast with your cabinetry. Be sure to cover it with a coat of polyurethane to protect the surface and to protect your towels.

• Finished lumber, like spindles normally used for staircases, can be hung on the wall. Or add hooks to a newel post normally used for custom look for a traditional bathroom. You’ll find plenty to choose from a lumber supplier, but you never know what you might find when you are hunting antiques.

• For a cabin in the mountains or a seaside retreat, find a branch or a piece of driftwood to attach to the wall. It’s a casual look that brings the outdoors in.

• An accordion-style coat rack, normally used in a closet or a mudroom, can be adjusted to the perfect width. It provides lots of hooks to hang damp towels.

• A drapery rod that spans the width a long wall can provide the same amount of hanging space as multiple bathroom towel bars.

• Instead of a hanging a bathroom towel bar in a nautical-themed pool bath, visit a boating supply store and cleats in bright brass. Hang them on the wall like hooks to use for the pool towels to dry. Hang an old oar to provide a long space for those oversized pool towels to dry. Or, install a length of nautical rope like a clothesline from wall to wall, and clip on some clothespins. They’ll know what to do.

• Install a length of bamboo instead of a traditional bathroom towel bar if you’re using a tropical or Hawaiian theme.

• Run a length of heavy gauge cable for an industrial look and feel. Visit a plumbing supply store to buy a piece of copper pipe for a warm, rich twist on this look.

• Do you live in a historic home? What about using a standing coat rack in the bathroom instead of a typical bathroom towel bar?

• The ideas for a children’s bathroom let you have some fun. If your kids love playing construction sites, install a metal yardstick for three feet of towel drying. A sports-and-game theme bathroom can include a pool cue, a baseball bat, or a hockey stick on the wall. If you’ve got a western theme bathroom, what about adding leather or leather-look vinyl loops on the wall instead of a store-bought towel ring?

• For a fairytale bathroom, install a piece of PVC pipe on the wall, and add a sparkly star or rhinestone-covered topper in the ends. You won’t have to cast a spell on your little princess to clean up at the end of the day and she’ll look forward to hanging her towel on her special bathroom towel bar.

• Place a shelf on your bathroom wall and install some hooks below. You’ll have plenty of hanging space, and you’ll have a place to store spare bathroom essentials. Maybe you’d want to add flair to your bathroom décor with plants, candles, a clock to keep you on schedule in the morning, and even a small piece of artwork to express your personality and sense of design.

Many options exist outside choosing a traditional bathroom towel bar. Have fun with the project and see where it takes you.

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