30+ Gorgeous Small Attic Storage Ideas

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Conventional houses are created with distinct and oftentimes beneficial features, particularly Victorian and colonial home types. This is primarily because of the spaciousness of the home unlike its modern counterparts which are more amenable to practicality and coziness when it comes to space. The attic for instance is one common feature of traditional houses which serve salient purposes especially in terms of proper and safe storage.

In order to make the most out of this particular area in the house, it is best to look into possible issues you may encounter in converting your attic into a livable space. You do not necessarily make it a room where you may frequent and often use. Making it a storage area so that you can make use of other spaces and rooms in the house is more likable.

Here are some of the concerns you ought to consider when making your attic an amenable area for storing boxes and other excess belongings around the house.

Roof Leaks

If this particular part of the loft is having leakage troubles, then it is never a wise decision to make it a storage place because you are risking your items to be stashed away in a room with a potentially leaking roof. Bear in mind that even small and seemingly trivial leakages are leading towards serious predicaments in the future when left unaddressed.

There are certain things you may do in order to remedy this roof dilemma in your uppermost room. First off, it is essential that you check for stains particularly present on the ceilings located beneath the attic since these are sure-fire indications that you are encountering roof leakages. There may be other signs of damages caused by water accumulation particularly on the underside area of the roof sheathing.

Ventilation and Insulation

Houses which are poorly insulated are not good candidates for converting the attic into a reliable storage area. This is because the attic may be suffering from thermal boundary problems and excessive temperature particularly if the weather is quite hot or warm during summer. If you are going to regularly use this to store sensitive items and belongings, it may cause damage or defects on your possessions stored in the area due to its temperature.

Good and proper ventilation is likewise an asset when it comes to making your loft a great place conducive for storage. This will prevent overheating and the instances of condensation problems. If you have certain ridges or gable to provide the needed ventilation in the area, you may also want to consider adding skylights and windows. This is a great idea if you want to fully convert your attic into a storage room because these improvements will provide fresh air to the air.

Conversion of your conventional attic to a livable and useful storage area is a very practical and sound investment. This will definitely allow you to maximize the space in your property and give you more chances of improving the functionality and usage of your home to boost its market value.

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