30+ Most Popular Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

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The timeless look a shabby chic bathroom can bring to your home is what makes some people love this decoration style. Also, another point in this style’s favor is that it’s an affordable way to decorate any kind of bathroom. Here you can find some simple ideas to help you add this style in your bathroom.

The most important thing and also the main aspect of the shabby chic style is to paint your bathroom’s trim in white color. White is the principal color in everything you want to give a chic touch. So, just for a cost of some white paint and a brush you can start your decorating project and give a stylish look to your bathroom.

The walls are the biggest surface and you can use any color in the Laura Ashley paint colors line at your nearest home store. There are some really beautiful colors to give your bathroom a shabby chic look.

Remember that the colors for this beautiful style must be light tones like Sand or Light pink. The first is soft and warm and will give a calm touch to the bathroom, and the pink is more vivid and girly but a wonderful way to the style we are looking for. Don’t choose any shine colors.

Buying the accessories for your new bathroom is pretty easy. Remember that white is always the desired color as it’s the main color in this kind of styles. First thing to do is to replace your actual towels for more appropriate ones. You should shop for white towels online for good prices and they will give an immediate fresh look to the new bathroom.

A white shower curtain is also desirable and you can even omit the white towels if for any reason you are not comfortable with them. In that case you can choose also soft tones for your towels and even matching them to the color you chose to paint your walls.

As you see, is not an expensive project changing your old toilet into a new shabby chic bathroom. And is also something you can do yourself as your new home project. Try this decorating style and I’m sure you will be very satisfied with the results.

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