30+ Brilliant Diy Room Divider Ideas

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If you have a room that you want to separate into different areas, there are other ways to accomplish this besides putting up a wall. Building walls is messy, expensive, and very time-consuming. It’s also irreversible. You can make your own room divider at a fraction of the cost of building a wall. Even if you’re not the most crafty person, you can still do this in under an hour. It’s basically a matter of gathering the materials and putting them all together. It’s very easy to make your own partition.

There are so many advantages to using partitions to divide up a space. One great reason to use them is because they are flexible. You can open and close them at will in just a matter of seconds. You can remove them entirely if your lifestyle changes. They also make the room look more lived in and decorated. One of the easiest ways to make your own divider that adds a soft decorative feel is to make curtain room dividers.

One of the best things about making your own dividers at home is that you don’t need a lot of materials. You can buy a curtain rod that is the same length as your wall or you can just use a tension-mounted shower curtain rod. You can decorate the rod or purchase a fun color if you want to add some pizazz to the room. Buy some hooks as well. Buy a few boxes of curtain hooks if your room is very long, otherwise one or two should suffice. Finally and most importantly you will need some fabric. Many people use drapes for this purpose because they are usually the perfect height and offer the heaviness necessary to create privacy.

First you need to start with the right length of fabric. You may want to measure the space in question and then measure an equal length of fabric. It’s a good idea to cut your fabric slightly larger than the opening in question so that when the curtain is closed, there won’t be a gap where light can escape or people can peek through. Then you should make some holes in the top of the fabric equal distances apart. A few inches is usually about right but make sure you have enough curtain hooks before deciding on the interval to use. Place the curtain hooks on the rod and then attach the fabric to the hooks. Finally, hang the rod up between the walls and check to make sure it is sturdy.

Putting up your own divider really is a simple task. Of course you can always make it more complicated if you’re the artsy type or if you have extra time or money. Maybe you want to stitch a pretty border on the bottom of the fabric or add sequins or beads. You might also want to seek out some cute hooks that match the theme of the room. This is a task you can do in five minutes or you can turn it into a fun weekend project to complete with your family. There really is no limit on how unique your homemade divider could end up being.

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