30+ Totally Comfy Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

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Shower design choice is a big issue to be considered as part of any bathroom remodel. If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom one of the biggest challenges is often fitting in a shower at all whilst in larger bathrooms choosing between separate bathtubs and shower stalls or a tub/shower combo can be a tough call to make. Here are some tips for choosing the right shower for you.

Showers for Small Bathrooms

With the limited space you have to work with you may think that your shower options are severely limited or that you will have to forget the idea altogether and just settle for what real estate agents call a half bath. However, there are options available that suit even the tiniest of bathrooms. A curved quadrant shower is usually the smallest shower stall design available and it is surprisingly attractive, especially if paired with a scaled down toilet and sink.

Showers for Large Spaces

If you have more space than most to work with in your bathroom your shower options open right up. If you opt for the separate bath tub and shower stall set up you will need a lot more room but having a shower for everyday “I’m late for work” use paired with a luxurious garden tub for weekend soaks is an idea that appeals to a great many people and visually can look very impressive.

Luxury Showers

A shower is just a shower, right? Not these days. Luxury or spa showers as they are also known, are very hot bathroom commodities right now. Multiple showerheads, steam units, even mood lighting and soothing built in music players are popping up in showers all over the country these days.

Consulting a bathroom remodeling specialist before you begin shower shopping is always a good idea. They can help you make a realistic assessment of the space you have to work with and what your needs and desires really are (when it comes to showers anyway) to make sure you make a choice that fits your home, your budget and your lifestyle in general.

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